Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Healthiest Year Ever

The Challenge of 2012

As senior pastor at Connections Community Church, I have accepted the challenge to make 2012 my healthiest year ever in body, mind and spirit. Here are my health goals for this new year.

Physical health goals
: To identify my basic health numbers (blood pressure, cholesterol, etc) and make sure they are in the health range, to have the hip replacement surgery I've been putting off, to lose the 20 pounds I've gained since I've been unable to run, to consistently exercise at for one solid hour at least 5 days per week, to take up one new health-enhancing, enjoyable physical activity, and to run a 5K race before the year ends.

Mental health goals: to read at least 25 books this year, to read the top 10 blogs in my field of leadership and church ministry, to write regularly, to take one day off per week and do things I find refreshing on that day, to take all the vacation time I have coming to me, to talk to a counselor about some lingering emotional issues I deal with, to review all the Bible passages I've memorized over the years (which helps sharpen my thinking and clarifying my values), to take my study break this year.

Spiritual health goals: to have dedicated time for prayer at least 5 hours per week (perhaps a pathetic goal for a pastor, but an improvement for me), to interact with God through Scripture for at least 30 minutes 5 days per week (in addition to my Bible study and message preparation), to take one day per month for reflection, dreaming and communion with God.

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