Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Time Challenge

Here's the big question I find myself facing as I look over my fitness goals for 2012: "When am I going to get this stuff done!"

I'm guessing you live a pretty busy life, just like me. When we set out to adopt new habits or increase current levels of activity, we've got to wrestle with scheduling issues. Since I tend to be a "fly by the seat of my pants" kind of guy, this is an especially big challenge for me. But I have come to realize a simple yet powerful truth: If I don't have it scheduled I won't get it done.

So here's the process I've learned to do over the years.

First, I determine how long it will take me to do the things I've set out to do (on a per week basis.) If I'm not sure, I guess. If I want to exercise an hour a day, that's pretty easy. If I want to read 25 books this year, I need to make an educated guess based on past reading experiences.

Second, I put into my weekly calendar a time slot to do each thing I've set out to do. I'll schedule, for instance, 30 minutes on Tuesday afternoon to do my fitness blog. If I haven't scheduled time to get something done, especially something new, the overwhelming odds are I'll never get it done!

Third, I cut or trim back other things that complete with my time for getting my goals accomplished. I ask, "Can I get by with a little less time with this so I can do that?" "What is the more important thing at this point in my life?"

Fourth, I readjust my goals, if necessary. Sometimes you have to be realistic and admit that you just can't fit something in. So you scale it back (preferable) or drop it (if there is really no other choice.)

Fifth, I let my schedule be my boss (not my god!) When it tells me it's time to do something, I just do it. As the weeks go by, if I need to make refinements, I do.

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  1. And I thought I was awesome for having check lists, this is amazing!!!