Monday, February 27, 2012

Learn As You Go

I am, by nature, a strategist. I love establishing goals that matter and devising a game plan that holds the promise of accomplishing those goals. (In fact, "Strategic" is one of my top themes in the StrengthsFinders evaluation.) The challenge with my make-up is not falling in love with the strategy nor being married to the goals.

Every goal, no matter how noble, and every strategy, regardless of how well thought-out it is, needs to be amended when it collides with real life. It is the ability to know what needs amending, and when to amend, that often separates those who succeed from those who merely try hard to succeed. You have to be optimistic and tenacious, not naive and stubborn. (I think the difference between these comes down to wisdom.)

So what does this have to do with my fitness goals for 2012?

First, I am scheduled to have surgery on April 16. I am having a hip resurfacing procedure done (an alternative to a complete replacement, that promises a full return to all activity.) As I am learning about the rehab process, it is clear that my goal to run a 5K this year is simply not wise, so needs to be abandoned. (It is recommended that a returning to running after this procedure happen after a full year.) A replacement goal is to be the most faithful rehab patient ever and put myself in a position to return to all my previous recreational and athletic pursuits in 2013.

Second, as I practice my spiritual health goals I am feeling the urge to journal. What this means is that I am going to read and pray a little less and add journaling to the time I have allotted for cultivating my spiritual health. After all, the big goal is becoming more healthy spiritually, not merely reading and praying for "X" amount of time.

When goals and strategies need amending, don't look at it like failure. It's not. It's adjusting a plan to the demands of reality, which is what enables success to happen.

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